Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Emily Yu's 1864 Blog

I ave ben putt in charg of coking for mai regemint and I fined its not to hard givin thate yu ave the coret tools. I cok the given rations in a pot and we swich who is caring the pot. the pot is so hevy thate at times we considder juste leafing it beahind but when we see the other regemints haveing to eat the charrd crap made witheout a pot, evereone is eager to kep the pot. Thesse are some resipes i found with the pot

-Salt pork
-Desicated vegitables
-hard tack

1)soak the vegitables in the pot withe water untilll theh r soft a dont break when bendt
2)chop the potatoes into fingger nail sise withe the end of ur bayonettte
3)scrape the estra salt of the pork
4)put the pot in the fire untilll it boils  (if yu can, stack thte fire around the pot it will be fater)
5)put every thing in the pot and leaf it thre for a wile
6)u can eat it withe hard tack

-salt pork
-hard tack

1)build a small fire and shoave it under and upsiddown pot (if the top of the pot is not hot enough, then put more fire under)
2)crack the hard tack withe the back of ur rifel
3)oak the hard tack in water for a bit
4)pute the pork on the the bottom side of the pan till the fat melts
5)put thte hard tack on that and mix for a while

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