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1865 post - Emily Yu

Hey ma and pa, I'm writing to you because I have something important to tell you , but first, I should tell you what happened after the war. After general lee surrendered, i my regiment and i celebrated throughout the night. We drank and ate til our bellies could hold no more. I was paid my wage and set upon the world in a my ragged glory. I then spent the next few days, the next few months, or even years waiting for when my former regiment commander turned friend deemed it safe enough for me to go to the south to find my siblings. During that time I was restless and spent my time poorly. I briefly returned to my job at the docks but my aggression towards the white customers that came to call earned me my release. From there I earned my keep from street fighting, my experiences in the war aiding previous experience in bar fights, making me to be a force to be reckoned with. I made plenty of money from my fights and didn't care if I was injured so I quickly rose in the ranks of the fighters and my purse swelled along side my rank. I continued in this fashion for what seemed like an eternity, fighting, recovering, licking my wounds, and repeating the process over, and over, and over. The seemingly endless cycle of pointless violence was finally broken one day when I saw Cobb’s sister crying when I came to visit. Her tears ran freely down her face despite her attempts to wipe them. Cobb told me she was crying because she heard of my recent beating from some white thugs, friends of the dock owner where I used to work at. I'm those few seconds I realize that I can't keep my life the way it is without hurting those close to me. I immediately stopped my fights and began to clean up my act. I spent my time at a local church learning how to read and write. I found out I have a knack for scribbling ink onto paper, thus my improved penmanship to you. After looking at the dates, I realize that it has been a few months since the war had ended and I could go down south to reunite with my siblings safely due to the reconstruction act. I gather my things and make plans to leave for the south as soon as possible, but before I realize it weeks had passed while I was preparing so it became a month before I managed to leave for the south. It took another two months to get to the south and I regret the time lost with every ounce of my heart and soul. When I got to the south, I spent another month tracking my remaining family from the plantation I escaped, to trains and villages they stayed in. After countless questions and endless worries, I find, at last, the village they settled down in, but I soon found I'm to late. I meet my sister's husband and my brothers wife and heard their story. The two of them escaped slavery together before the war had ended so they weren't sure of the date. They met their partners who were  also runaways while on the run. My sister meet her husband on a train car and my brother met his wife at the village I went to before this one now. They spent a while in this village and lived a decent life, but  they died of a disease they contracted back at the plantation. The worst part is that up to their last breath, they said they believed I would come for then. They believed in me.THEY BELIEVED IN A STUPID BROTHER LIKE ME AND THIS IS WHAT I DO. I procrastinated for almost half a year and if I left singer I might have seen them one last time,I might have seen my sisters smile, I might have had one last brawl with my brother, I MIGHT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SUCH A TERRIBLE BROTHER AND LEAVING THEM TO ROT IN A FUCKING PLANTATION. Sorry ma, sorry pa, I couldn't finish through when I said I swore on anything and everything that I would get our remaining family back together. Looks like no matter what happens, all of us won't be able to be together again. I'm going to hell.

Well that's the end of that. To help clarify some things

  • If it was not obvious enough then he committed suicide which is why he said he's going to hell
  • He learned to write correctly at the church so that's why this is written in mostly correct grammar spelling and punctuation, and while it's true that he couldn't have impotence this much in that short of time, like he said, he had a knack for it.
  • The friend is Kenny.
  • He sort of became part of Cobb’s family but since he committed suicide in the south, they never heard back from him.
  • He's sibling’s families escaped before their owners were forced to release then, thus making it unclear whether he would have seen them if he left after the war ended.
  • The siblings were dying of tuberculosis which included the soldier and after this the partners died of it too . (I know it should have infected everyone else but it was a rare strain it something)
  • He was too busy being depressed or looking for his siblings to notice that Abraham Lincoln was dead but if he found out he would try to strangle Booth himself no matter how dead he already is.
  • This may not make sense with whatever Kenny is doing since I didn't talk about this with him.
    • Sorry, if it sounded cheesy, I tried making it as depressing as possible.

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1865 post - Emily Yu

Hey ma and pa, I'm writing to you because I have something important to tell you , but first, I should tell you what happened after the...