Monday, April 10, 2017

First letter - Emily Yu

Dear Mary and Matthew,
      I em righting thees leters too yu in hopess of gifing them to yu wen I reskue yu. I hope too ce yu sone. Tooday wee whent intoo baddle agenst the south. The whit fols thunk it wood be a esey too fite the south butt thay be stewpid to thunk ite wud nt goe ther wey. Ther wer evein fols grabeind rundom tings to bruhing home. Butt thay wer sur in for a suhprise wen ther heds startid wok an thay reilise that guns cane kill tem. End Evan afther haf the solders ran to ther mamas thay stil wood nt let us fite. Butt do nt wory il git too the frount lins and fite mie whay to yu. The magerity of the litele whit boys ran hom from the war. Son thay ll see thay Ned us blacks and begh us too fite and i ll shoew tham thay Ned us.

i simpuly can nt beer mie uknit comander. He is the mosts uptihte persin i ve evre sein. He preachs abut god and the ingistice of slavery with ut nevre seing it. He s nevre been in the south and can nt even comprehand huw it feeles. Evrey day he can send leteres to his sister and evne gits repryes. He does nt nowe the pane of shakles the fere of loosein yur familie. He sees evrey thng fun as a sine, he evin penalized me for lozing a bet. It wus justo litle gambelling butt he feeked out and hung me by my foot. He claimed it was nedid for poper disapine but it was just a plane abus off powear. I swear I ll slit his throte som day.

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