Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Enlistment Blogs

Journal Entry #1 0933 April 15, 1861

            I finally did it! I was finally drafted and enlisted into the Union Army, thank God for the abolitionists who chose to help an African American like me. I am truly amazed at the massive scale of artillery, cavalry, and infantry contained within the army. With this much firepower, we'll destroy the Confederacy in no time!

Journal Entry #2 0524 April 24, 1861
           It's been a few days now. Over these days, I've received my own cartridge box and assigned to man a battery. We are currently located in the border state of Maryland and are preparing to march to Virginia to cut off the railroad in Manassas within the month.

Journal Entry #3 0632 April 25, 1861
           My excitement has worn off now. This hardtack is disgusting, the drill routines are tiring, and the only thing entertaining me is poker, however, I've spent all of my money. Still, my faith is unwavering and I hope to be able to write a letter soon to my sister Amy. I still truly believe that we can beat those Dixie soldiers and free our enslaved comrades. However, I disapprove of the Union calling these men as contraband.

Journal Entry #4 1529 April 27, 1861
           Being the regiment that we are, everyone else had eaten all the designated rations, so now we had to forage for food. After an hour long search with no success, I sank to my knees and prayed to Lord that we'd find food. All of a sudden, these dice appeared out of nowhere and fell into my hands. I didn't what to do, so I rolled them. A voice had spoken to me and told me the directions to a local southern farm which had plenty of food for the taking. I wonder if that mysterious voice will come back, but time will tell. I believe that destiny has befallen to me be honest, I'm not sure what to think.

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