Sunday, April 9, 2017

1SG Kenny Nguyen - 1861 Blog

     Bull Run - A Dear Theodosia Parody (Lyrics Only)

     Dear sister Amy, don't worry 'bout me.
     I made it out, I'm perfectly okay.
     When the battle at Bull Run broke out, we were doin' so well.
     Confederate troops were retreating soon, it was in our clutch, then Stonewall came along,
     After that, the Rebels moved, it went to hell,
     And we all ran like gazelle

     There'll come a day when we're united,
     The founders fought for us, our freedom and unity,
     They tried to lay a strong enough foundation,
     They passed it onto us, they helped us choose a path,
     Yet they just ignored slavery,
     Pushed away,
     Now look what happened because of that
     Secession, fighting

     Oh, Amy, the Union will strike again, once more,
     And we'll beat them! McClellan will make sure of that,
     There is so much hope for the Union,
     Oh Bull Run was just the beginning, the start,
     When we fought, we fell apart
     And now we just restart,
     Over and over again,
    'Till one of us win,
    We'll do whatever it takes,
    We won't make the same mistake,

     As we did in Bull Run,
     There will come a day when we're united,
     Today is not that day,
     Today we simply fight,
     In perhaps a bloody long war,
     With countless battles, death and misery,
     But this is just the start,
     We won't stop now,
     This is just the start,
     Bull Run, what now?

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