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Private Melvin Thomas' 1864 blog

This year the union made many advances and achievements, I am sure the Union is very close to winning the war. This year we had our victory in Vickisburg, capturing the Mississippi and cutting the confederacy in two. This was largely due to the excellent strategy of our new general, General Grant. On top of that, we destroyed a large part of the confederates' infrastructure during the March to The Sea. However our rations continue to be as bad as ever, almost none of our army likes salt pork.
Either way, I am optimistic that the war is coming to an end.

1SG Kenny Nguyen - 1864 Blogset

Some cards that I could think of at the moment. Hope you enjoy! And I can hope that you understand that these cards are saying


         SORTA VOCAB^                    VOCAB^



Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Emily's and Kenny's 1863 blog

Due to technical difficulties, certain segments of the film were invalidated, thus the video does not match the script. As the script has a better story, please imagine we are acting out the script,(Or something)

*at a bar*
*obviously drunk*
E: Those damn butternuts!
K: I know, right!
E: Our first battle in the army and we were kicked like dogs.
*slams cup down*
K: At least, we don’t have to deal with Jackson. I heard that his own men shot him down.
E: Ha! Serves them idiots right! I bet they got themselves too drunk to see straight.
K: Maybe the Lord had granted us a miracle.
E: You and your stupid church, you’re all too soft if you’re relying on an unseen god!
K: Has He forsaken you?
E: He has forsaken everyone! Or else why would we still be living in this hell hole with this demon called white men.
K: Might I call the bartender for some salt in your drink? And why are we on this fine Earth? It’s because the Lord has given us a chance to…get along with the whites.
E: I’ll never get along with those white snakes, all they care about is profit. They don't care who gets hurt! If this so called “God” really exists, then they should all go to hell!
K:Hey, watch your mouth. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be here in this bar. Instead, you’d be outside in the cold rain, drinking...whatever the Union calls “water.”
E:You watch your own goddamned mouth! I had a perfect job on the docks that I quit to join the army!!!
K: All you did was skin and gut some damn fish. If the war hadn’t happened, you’d be living a life like that till your last breath. The war has brought on a new purpose! Lincoln gave us a new purpose! A second chance at greatness. Who would deny that?
E: Mr.Lincoln is the only white man I'll respect! The rest of them are trash! No matter if they're northern or southern, a white man’s a white man. They don't see us as remotely human.
K: That’s what the abolitionists are for! Their efforts may be futile now, but a little goes a long way.
E: But this little is too little, a nudge won't move a mountain, and all of this white man injustice is an ocean, a nudge won't even do a thing.
K: You never know. God knows, but since you don’t believe in God, I guess that makes you naive and idiotic.
E: Who’s the naive one here? You've lived your whole life in the cushy North and never had to deal with slavery except as whispers to think about when you're drunk! I’ve had to make my way all the way to the north! I'm a self made man.
K: And yet I still outrank you, and did you forget that I’m your commanding officer and regiment leader? Maybe a few more hours of drilling can remind you.
E:Hmf! You’re only a general because those white general bastards wouldn't want a person with brains to be commander. They just want a nice black puppet!
K: My skin or my brains don’t matter! Only character matters into this!
E:Then they chose a person with a perfect character-to be a puppet.
K: Either way, at least they trust me more than you with the idea of a command.
E:*sighs* Were you even listening to the last few minutes? Oh, I bet you. Can't hear others over the sounds of your hinges creaking.
K: Better to hear that than whatever you have to say. I must leave soon. I need to write something to my sister.
E:...get back to your sister? ...get back to your sister?! *grabs shirt* how can you say so much crap and still go back to your sister?
K: *Elbow to the chin* At least I have someone to go back to after the war!
E: what the hell do you think you know about me!*punches in the gut*
K: *Throws a beer mug at your face* I know that your parents are dead. I know that your siblings are still in bondage. I know that the Lord will not be merciful to you, even in death, and I can assure you that it will be painful!
E:Those are just fancy words! You don't know how it feels! To be bound with chains, to watch your parents slowly die because your master couldn't “waste” medicine, to fear losing your family everyday! When you go home, do you fear losing your sister!? Do you fear she'll die any moment? Do you feel like you're going to go insane with worry? DO YOU?
K: *pulls out a gun and points at it* Hey, BACK OFF!! *cocks it and gets ready to shoot*
E:*pulls our own gun* You coward! Who the hell threatens to shoot their comrade! *cocks*
K: You and I, corporal. You and I…
Random commander: Hey! What in tarnation are you fools doing!
E:This bastard has no right to be a commander
K: And this fool has no right to be a soldier at all!
CO: In my eyes, neither of you have the right to be men at all!
K: But sir!
CO:No buts! You are both going to carry a log until you drop! With your feet tied together. Maybe then you can get a bit of respect for each other!
K: *sighs* Very well, sir.
E: *spits*

In a camp
*both passed out already but are slowly regaining consciousness*
K:*gets up slowly* I could say the same thing. Hey.
E:What, ya fool
K:*rolls his eyes* I want to say sorry for nearly shooting you back at the bar. I truly do mean it.
E: humph! If you're going to say that then there's no choice, I'll say sorry too...
K:you still haven't said anything-
E:shut up
CO: You two! Get back up here and help us pack up. We’re marching out to catch Lee!
Both: Sir! *Salutes*
K: *looks at Jefferson* Let’s do this.

Friday, April 21, 2017

1863 blog

1863 was the hardest year of fighting yet. This year was the first time we got to fight directly. I finally got my wish. We fought hard in the Battle of Gettysburg and almost 1/4 of my fellow soldiers where killed or injured. I got severely wounded and had to have my leg amputated. It was so hard on me but I will continue fighting for the great Union even on a wheelchair. I am so tired of eating bad food, such as salt pork and hard tack.  Sutlers where almost never present near us. Even with all these obstacles I am still determined to fight.

Thursday, April 20, 2017

1862 post - Emily Yu

This is a script of a play depicting me at a bar during/after the Shenandoah tactics depicted in the dispatches. The two characters alternate who is talking every time there is a dash at the beginning of a sentence. There are no misspelled words because they are talking and there are no accents because I'm still not sure how the accents are. The other character is an aging, well mannered African American. Thinks inside ** are what's happening
-Ha! What's the matter laddie? Can't hold your drink?
-I can hold my drink just fine old man!
-Then you really must have been tossing them back! What's wrong? Girl problems?
-Nu uh! And “hic” it's none of your business!
-Okay? Fine th-
-But if you really insist then I'll “hic” tell you about it
-You know, on second thought I think I'm-
*Gets up to leave*
-*Pulls back*
It all started awhile ago, when I enlisted in the army.
-But I thought they weren't allowing blacks to join
-Exactly! I thought they had finally made some good life choices but it was just for “hic” show. Our unit hasn't done a single goddamned thing, even when we could have helped in battles they said it wasn't our “hic” place. At least we wouldn't have run away with our tails up our asses
*Takes big gulp*
-W-well then
 *tries to leave*
-*Pulls back down*
And the old white folk are going around screaming their head heads off about the confederates being flashy in Sheeeeeeeenandoah.
-Well I do suppose they're panicking a bit too much
*orders a drink*
-And even now they *hic* won't let us do anything
*slams fist on the table*
-*takes a sip*
That is rather stupid
*takes a gulp*
-And it doesn't stop there!
-Oh? Do tell.
-We’re treated like the scum of the earth by the other regiments
-That does sound *takes a gulp* rather unfair *hic*
-Well someone gets it! And my commander is no better! That stupid straight laced goody *hic* two shoes has no pride or honor as a human being!
-Why *hic* not?
*at this point, the gentleman is starting to sweat*
-The goddamned *hic* bastard thinks we should be *hic* honored to be in the army in the first place!
*during this time everyone starts getting consistently louder *
-But *hic* aren't they having trouble getting people to join? *hic* Shouldn't they be happy to get some volunteers?
-Ha! Now you're talking old man! That *hic* commander grew up in the north, and he never knew the pain of *hic* slavery, he can even go home to see his sister every once in awhile!
-*softly* What happened my boy?
-My *snif* brother and sister are still slaves in the south.
-I'm sorry lad, but that's why you'll fight for them right?
-*Yelling * The government still doesn't see us as human *hic* beings that want to fight for our family! And they NEVER WILL! It’s hopeless *starts crying in a humorous way, obviously drunk *
-*noise level normal again *
Well lad, *takes a gulp* sometimes that's the way life is. *hic* But don't ever give up, because that's when the fight is lost  *hic*
-Hey old man…
-That's some pretty common advice!
-Well that's rather- *proceeds to commit violently *
-So you're the one who can't hold your drink huh?

That is it, later I may perform it but no promises.
Yes the “poor life choices” is a shout out to Mrs.Breland

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

1862 Blog

1862 was an extremely tiring year. The biggest event was that I had to fight the Rebels as an infantry  In the battle of Antietam. The battle was extremely hard and bloody. There was blood and Dead bodies everywhere. However, this is the first time we showed the confederacy that we really meant business and could legitimately stop them. I felt finally that we could win the war. It is a good thing that the general turned a blind eye to blacks fighting because we could still not fight legally.  Despite all this I was frustrated with our very poor leadership and their strategy which stopped us from giving the confederacy a crushing defeat. This was a very encouraging battle due to the repeated losses in small battles the summer before.

1SG Kenny Nguyen - 1862 Blogset

President Abraham Lincoln's Address to Congress as transcribed by Senator Kenny Nguyen of the State of Massachusetts.
6:45 PM

Yesterday, on September 17, 1862, our Union armies clashed with the forces of the rebelling states in an attempt to drive them away from our capital. They succeeded in that goal but failed to press their advantage after Lee's retreat. Early morning on that day, the general setup a defensive position in the city of Sharpsburg.

Our initial strategy had our forces deployed by former General McClellan, in hopes of forming an envelopment, before finishing off the rebel forces with the main attack.  After a few hours of fighting on both flanks of the southern armies, our soldiers had managed to take the Dunker Church. By midday, many casualties littered both sides and the fighting eventually moved to the Sunken Road, also known as the Bloody Lane. Eventually, the fighting moved towards the bridge over Antietam Creek, General Burnside having taken two hours to cross the measly bridge. 

Despite having an ever constant advantage over the forces of the rebelling states, our General McClellan refuses to attack. Many hours before I had planned to give this address, I came down to the battlefield, face to face with our General. I asked the general for a simple explanation and ordered him to attack. He refused and so, I had to let him go. In the end, nearly 22,000 casualties, many American lives gone, from both the Union and the Southern States.

In other pressing matters, the ironclads fought to a steady draw and at the advice of the Cabinet, I will have men work on finding new ways to take down enemy ships. Our General Grant had defeated the rebels at Shiloh. Doctors report an "angel's glow" in the aftermath. I will have our leading expert from the regiment, God's Legionnaires, working on figuring it out. Jackson's army has managed to defeat our forces at Shenandoah campaign, and once again, McClellan has been proven ineffective, I should say, during the Seven Days Battle. For the second time, the rebels have managed to best our troops at Bull Run.

Do not despair, using our victory at Antietam, I will issue a proclamation of emancipation, freeing slaves in the rebelling states, in the hopes that they join our cause in fighting the rebels. The border states do not apply and thus are allowed to keep their slaves. I will also, along with the advice of my fellow Cabinet, will appoint a newer and more effective general to lead our army. Thank you for your time and the 140th meeting of the Houses of Congress is now adjourned.

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Enlistment blog- Barry Allen (Ernie Rodriguez)

Well, what’s cookin good lookin. Nice to see you here, my name is Blackburn, John Blackburn. Most of my friends call me Barry though, mainly because of my liking of the color red and speed. Well I guess this is part where I tell you about myself and what not, like I said I’m John Blackburn and you’re, well I don’t know who you are, but um hi. I’m from providence, Rhode island I come from a mid-class family. I may not have much training with weapons or tactics but what I do have the most legendary and lethal training, I have combat training. Now you may be asking yourself “what is combat training John?” Well I’m glad you asked whatever your name is. Combat training is a form of fighting it enhances a basic move and makes it better. Techniques such as the combat roll, combat leg sweep and reverse combat leg sweep, combat running, combat dodging, and etc. The point is that I’m trained to kill. Also I can parkour down buildings with this training. I’ve had people ask me why I’m fighting in the war and why I’m in the war. Well the reason is like a lot of other people on my side. I like many, other people, have a special someone back at home, along with kids. All of which I miss a lot.

I’ve had many people call me shady in my day. I don’t know why. I’ve also been called a fast learner. I learned how to be able to reload my weapon twice in a minute, which is impressive cause a well trained soldier can reload 3 times in a minute and I’m a former slave. For a slave I’m also really smart. I’ve always been called a smart person and a quick thinker for my background. This war is great I love being able to live in it….

Monday, April 10, 2017

First letter - Emily Yu

Dear Mary and Matthew,
      I em righting thees leters too yu in hopess of gifing them to yu wen I reskue yu. I hope too ce yu sone. Tooday wee whent intoo baddle agenst the south. The whit fols thunk it wood be a esey too fite the south butt thay be stewpid to thunk ite wud nt goe ther wey. Ther wer evein fols grabeind rundom tings to bruhing home. Butt thay wer sur in for a suhprise wen ther heds startid wok an thay reilise that guns cane kill tem. End Evan afther haf the solders ran to ther mamas thay stil wood nt let us fite. Butt do nt wory il git too the frount lins and fite mie whay to yu. The magerity of the litele whit boys ran hom from the war. Son thay ll see thay Ned us blacks and begh us too fite and i ll shoew tham thay Ned us.

i simpuly can nt beer mie uknit comander. He is the mosts uptihte persin i ve evre sein. He preachs abut god and the ingistice of slavery with ut nevre seing it. He s nevre been in the south and can nt even comprehand huw it feeles. Evrey day he can send leteres to his sister and evne gits repryes. He does nt nowe the pane of shakles the fere of loosein yur familie. He sees evrey thng fun as a sine, he evin penalized me for lozing a bet. It wus justo litle gambelling butt he feeked out and hung me by my foot. He claimed it was nedid for poper disapine but it was just a plane abus off powear. I swear I ll slit his throte som day.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

1SG Kenny Nguyen - 1861 Blog

     Bull Run - A Dear Theodosia Parody (Lyrics Only)

     Dear sister Amy, don't worry 'bout me.
     I made it out, I'm perfectly okay.
     When the battle at Bull Run broke out, we were doin' so well.
     Confederate troops were retreating soon, it was in our clutch, then Stonewall came along,
     After that, the Rebels moved, it went to hell,
     And we all ran like gazelle

     There'll come a day when we're united,
     The founders fought for us, our freedom and unity,
     They tried to lay a strong enough foundation,
     They passed it onto us, they helped us choose a path,
     Yet they just ignored slavery,
     Pushed away,
     Now look what happened because of that
     Secession, fighting

     Oh, Amy, the Union will strike again, once more,
     And we'll beat them! McClellan will make sure of that,
     There is so much hope for the Union,
     Oh Bull Run was just the beginning, the start,
     When we fought, we fell apart
     And now we just restart,
     Over and over again,
    'Till one of us win,
    We'll do whatever it takes,
    We won't make the same mistake,

     As we did in Bull Run,
     There will come a day when we're united,
     Today is not that day,
     Today we simply fight,
     In perhaps a bloody long war,
     With countless battles, death and misery,
     But this is just the start,
     We won't stop now,
     This is just the start,
     Bull Run, what now?

Friday, April 7, 2017

private melvin thomas 1861 blog

This year has been very disappointing so far. Since I  am black, I am prohibited from fighting like I hoped to, I was given the boring job of cooking for my regiment. My supply was so low that the only way to feed the army was to forage for food. When we where first deployed to the battle of bull run, the battle was so ugly and long that I had to clean up dead bodies after the battle. I lost many of my close friends during the battle.
A lot of them also deserted the battle, but I stayed until the end. Next year I hope I will be allowed to fight.
I hope the president will grant service based on bravery instead of race.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Private thomas enlistment blog

My Name is Melvin Thomas, I am a private in the union army. I was a former slave. I am really eager to continue fighting in really terrified to fight in the battles. I am afraid to loose a limb or die, but I am willing to risk it so I can free my race. I know that the whole government and army shares this goal. Even though I have a poor education, I have big goals. I was placed with a battery in charge of firing cannons at the confederacy. I hope to destroy their government. Our first drill will start tomorrow. I hope to see emancipation the time the war is finished.

Enlistment Blogs

Journal Entry #1 0933 April 15, 1861

            I finally did it! I was finally drafted and enlisted into the Union Army, thank God for the abolitionists who chose to help an African American like me. I am truly amazed at the massive scale of artillery, cavalry, and infantry contained within the army. With this much firepower, we'll destroy the Confederacy in no time!

Journal Entry #2 0524 April 24, 1861
           It's been a few days now. Over these days, I've received my own cartridge box and assigned to man a battery. We are currently located in the border state of Maryland and are preparing to march to Virginia to cut off the railroad in Manassas within the month.

Journal Entry #3 0632 April 25, 1861
           My excitement has worn off now. This hardtack is disgusting, the drill routines are tiring, and the only thing entertaining me is poker, however, I've spent all of my money. Still, my faith is unwavering and I hope to be able to write a letter soon to my sister Amy. I still truly believe that we can beat those Dixie soldiers and free our enslaved comrades. However, I disapprove of the Union calling these men as contraband.

Journal Entry #4 1529 April 27, 1861
           Being the regiment that we are, everyone else had eaten all the designated rations, so now we had to forage for food. After an hour long search with no success, I sank to my knees and prayed to Lord that we'd find food. All of a sudden, these dice appeared out of nowhere and fell into my hands. I didn't what to do, so I rolled them. A voice had spoken to me and told me the directions to a local southern farm which had plenty of food for the taking. I wonder if that mysterious voice will come back, but time will tell. I believe that destiny has befallen to me be honest, I'm not sure what to think.

1865 post - Emily Yu

Hey ma and pa, I'm writing to you because I have something important to tell you , but first, I should tell you what happened after the...