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1865 post - Emily Yu

Hey ma and pa, I'm writing to you because I have something important to tell you , but first, I should tell you what happened after the war. After general lee surrendered, i my regiment and i celebrated throughout the night. We drank and ate til our bellies could hold no more. I was paid my wage and set upon the world in a my ragged glory. I then spent the next few days, the next few months, or even years waiting for when my former regiment commander turned friend deemed it safe enough for me to go to the south to find my siblings. During that time I was restless and spent my time poorly. I briefly returned to my job at the docks but my aggression towards the white customers that came to call earned me my release. From there I earned my keep from street fighting, my experiences in the war aiding previous experience in bar fights, making me to be a force to be reckoned with. I made plenty of money from my fights and didn't care if I was injured so I quickly rose in the ranks of the fighters and my purse swelled along side my rank. I continued in this fashion for what seemed like an eternity, fighting, recovering, licking my wounds, and repeating the process over, and over, and over. The seemingly endless cycle of pointless violence was finally broken one day when I saw Cobb’s sister crying when I came to visit. Her tears ran freely down her face despite her attempts to wipe them. Cobb told me she was crying because she heard of my recent beating from some white thugs, friends of the dock owner where I used to work at. I'm those few seconds I realize that I can't keep my life the way it is without hurting those close to me. I immediately stopped my fights and began to clean up my act. I spent my time at a local church learning how to read and write. I found out I have a knack for scribbling ink onto paper, thus my improved penmanship to you. After looking at the dates, I realize that it has been a few months since the war had ended and I could go down south to reunite with my siblings safely due to the reconstruction act. I gather my things and make plans to leave for the south as soon as possible, but before I realize it weeks had passed while I was preparing so it became a month before I managed to leave for the south. It took another two months to get to the south and I regret the time lost with every ounce of my heart and soul. When I got to the south, I spent another month tracking my remaining family from the plantation I escaped, to trains and villages they stayed in. After countless questions and endless worries, I find, at last, the village they settled down in, but I soon found I'm to late. I meet my sister's husband and my brothers wife and heard their story. The two of them escaped slavery together before the war had ended so they weren't sure of the date. They met their partners who were  also runaways while on the run. My sister meet her husband on a train car and my brother met his wife at the village I went to before this one now. They spent a while in this village and lived a decent life, but  they died of a disease they contracted back at the plantation. The worst part is that up to their last breath, they said they believed I would come for then. They believed in me.THEY BELIEVED IN A STUPID BROTHER LIKE ME AND THIS IS WHAT I DO. I procrastinated for almost half a year and if I left singer I might have seen them one last time,I might have seen my sisters smile, I might have had one last brawl with my brother, I MIGHT HAVE BEEN ABLE TO APOLOGIZE FOR BEING SUCH A TERRIBLE BROTHER AND LEAVING THEM TO ROT IN A FUCKING PLANTATION. Sorry ma, sorry pa, I couldn't finish through when I said I swore on anything and everything that I would get our remaining family back together. Looks like no matter what happens, all of us won't be able to be together again. I'm going to hell.

Well that's the end of that. To help clarify some things

  • If it was not obvious enough then he committed suicide which is why he said he's going to hell
  • He learned to write correctly at the church so that's why this is written in mostly correct grammar spelling and punctuation, and while it's true that he couldn't have impotence this much in that short of time, like he said, he had a knack for it.
  • The friend is Kenny.
  • He sort of became part of Cobb’s family but since he committed suicide in the south, they never heard back from him.
  • He's sibling’s families escaped before their owners were forced to release then, thus making it unclear whether he would have seen them if he left after the war ended.
  • The siblings were dying of tuberculosis which included the soldier and after this the partners died of it too . (I know it should have infected everyone else but it was a rare strain it something)
  • He was too busy being depressed or looking for his siblings to notice that Abraham Lincoln was dead but if he found out he would try to strangle Booth himself no matter how dead he already is.
  • This may not make sense with whatever Kenny is doing since I didn't talk about this with him.
    • Sorry, if it sounded cheesy, I tried making it as depressing as possible.

1SG Kenny Nguyen - 1865 Blog

April 9, 1865 - The End
My god, I can't believe it. After four years of fighting, it finally happened. We won! It feels weird, yet so amazing! Even as I write this entry, the adrenaline is still rushing through my veins. Perhaps, now I can finally get to know my fellow countrymen again. I feel as though the reconstruction of our country will be smooth and easy under Lincoln's administration. 

Seeing Lee at Appomattox Courthouse, with his perfect attire and regal manner on his horse...has given me a proper respect for the Virginian general. A new sense of hope for the Union. Maybe someday, I could get a chance to talk to him. Someday.

April 10, 1865 - Progress

It's been merely a day and I've already forgiven the Southerners for what they've done, leaving our country, enslaving men and women for the purposes of farming, and overall being cruel and manipulative and lazy... On second thought, maybe I haven't, but I think I'm getting there.

April 12, 1865 - Goodbyes

Although it had pained me to say this. My regiment had gone their separate ways. Although, I plan on bringing the group back together. Black Storm! General Meade called us the best regiment that he had ever lead. Grant said we were the second best, first belonging to God's Legionnaires. Ha! Those religious fanatics...guess that includes me too. Under McClellan though, we had struggled to gain his attention, he cherished the State Farmers United. We had a pleasant time together, excluding, of course, that backstabbing traitor, Corporal Blackburn, but I will not mention him, that's for sure! Our reconnaissance missions have provided a lot of information that I didn't know, and to be honest, I've grown quite fond of Sergeant Jefferson's cooking, but don't tell anybody I wrote that. Corporal Thomas, despite his timidity, as shown to be an excellent soldier and I feel that he will do well as the second in command of our regiment. I passed the leadership down to my dear friend, Isaac Jefferson. He has been a good friend of mine since the incident at the tavern... We don't speak about it.

April 13, 1865 - Birthday

I turned 30 today. All my soldiers, my sister, and my adoptive father Alfred have gathered to celebrate it with me. There was cake and everything necessary for a proper birthday party. I feel old already. I made a few remarks about my service. "I've come to dedicate a portion of my life to the service of my beloved country. I felt as though it was altogether fitting and proper that I should do so." Ah, the good ol' days.

April 15, 1865 - 7:24 A.M.

Dear God! Why must someone commit such a heinous crime against our president! Why! I don't understand any of this. Curse that John Wilkes Booth!

I...had met him once. After his address at Gettysburg, I had the chance to talk to him. He gave me advice on how to best lead my regiment. He said it was like leading a nation, "don't care for yourself, care for everyone. Listen to everyone and take that into account before you make a decision." Huh, no wonder he was such a good president. May God bless his soul, for now, he belongs to the ages. I miss him already, and I think that we all do. What now? What about Reconstruction? Our rights? Our country? This is too much for me and for everyone else.

May 4, 1865 - A Proper Burial

It took me all my courage, but I had managed to give some proper remarks about our dear President before he was interred in Oak Ridge Cemetery along with his son, Willie. I, along with the rest of the soldiers remained there, saluting for a few minutes for our fallen hero. Everyone except me and Mrs. Lincoln had left the cemetery. I chose to stay to reminisce about our meeting all those years ago at Gettysburg. My regiment had barely survived that battle, but we made it. I kneeled and prayed our Lord to take especially good care of him, to give him a proper afterlife. Lincoln deserved it.

1865 blog

I am so relieved that the war is finished and we are all finally free. This year was relatively easy as we  crushed a crippled confederacy. During the battle of sailors creek, we destroyed General Lee's army and made him very desperate. Not much later, at the battle of Appomattox courthouse, general lee and the entire confederacy surrendered. This was the Greatest victory of our country and Abolitionism and showed that we were going to survive as a free Nation. This war was extremely brutal but it finally paid off.

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Emily Yu's 1864 Blog

I ave ben putt in charg of coking for mai regemint and I fined its not to hard givin thate yu ave the coret tools. I cok the given rations in a pot and we swich who is caring the pot. the pot is so hevy thate at times we considder juste leafing it beahind but when we see the other regemints haveing to eat the charrd crap made witheout a pot, evereone is eager to kep the pot. Thesse are some resipes i found with the pot

-Salt pork
-Desicated vegitables
-hard tack

1)soak the vegitables in the pot withe water untilll theh r soft a dont break when bendt
2)chop the potatoes into fingger nail sise withe the end of ur bayonettte
3)scrape the estra salt of the pork
4)put the pot in the fire untilll it boils  (if yu can, stack thte fire around the pot it will be fater)
5)put every thing in the pot and leaf it thre for a wile
6)u can eat it withe hard tack

-salt pork
-hard tack

1)build a small fire and shoave it under and upsiddown pot (if the top of the pot is not hot enough, then put more fire under)
2)crack the hard tack withe the back of ur rifel
3)oak the hard tack in water for a bit
4)pute the pork on the the bottom side of the pan till the fat melts
5)put thte hard tack on that and mix for a while

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Private Melvin Thomas' 1864 blog

This year the union made many advances and achievements, I am sure the Union is very close to winning the war. This year we had our victory in Vickisburg, capturing the Mississippi and cutting the confederacy in two. This was largely due to the excellent strategy of our new general, General Grant. On top of that, we destroyed a large part of the confederates' infrastructure during the March to The Sea. However our rations continue to be as bad as ever, almost none of our army likes salt pork.
Either way, I am optimistic that the war is coming to an end.

1SG Kenny Nguyen - 1864 Blogset

Some cards that I could think of at the moment. Hope you enjoy! And I can hope that you understand that these cards are saying


         SORTA VOCAB^                    VOCAB^



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Emily's and Kenny's 1863 blog

Due to technical difficulties, certain segments of the film were invalidated, thus the video does not match the script. As the script has a better story, please imagine we are acting out the script,(Or something)

*at a bar*
*obviously drunk*
E: Those damn butternuts!
K: I know, right!
E: Our first battle in the army and we were kicked like dogs.
*slams cup down*
K: At least, we don’t have to deal with Jackson. I heard that his own men shot him down.
E: Ha! Serves them idiots right! I bet they got themselves too drunk to see straight.
K: Maybe the Lord had granted us a miracle.
E: You and your stupid church, you’re all too soft if you’re relying on an unseen god!
K: Has He forsaken you?
E: He has forsaken everyone! Or else why would we still be living in this hell hole with this demon called white men.
K: Might I call the bartender for some salt in your drink? And why are we on this fine Earth? It’s because the Lord has given us a chance to…get along with the whites.
E: I’ll never get along with those white snakes, all they care about is profit. They don't care who gets hurt! If this so called “God” really exists, then they should all go to hell!
K:Hey, watch your mouth. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be here in this bar. Instead, you’d be outside in the cold rain, drinking...whatever the Union calls “water.”
E:You watch your own goddamned mouth! I had a perfect job on the docks that I quit to join the army!!!
K: All you did was skin and gut some damn fish. If the war hadn’t happened, you’d be living a life like that till your last breath. The war has brought on a new purpose! Lincoln gave us a new purpose! A second chance at greatness. Who would deny that?
E: Mr.Lincoln is the only white man I'll respect! The rest of them are trash! No matter if they're northern or southern, a white man’s a white man. They don't see us as remotely human.
K: That’s what the abolitionists are for! Their efforts may be futile now, but a little goes a long way.
E: But this little is too little, a nudge won't move a mountain, and all of this white man injustice is an ocean, a nudge won't even do a thing.
K: You never know. God knows, but since you don’t believe in God, I guess that makes you naive and idiotic.
E: Who’s the naive one here? You've lived your whole life in the cushy North and never had to deal with slavery except as whispers to think about when you're drunk! I’ve had to make my way all the way to the north! I'm a self made man.
K: And yet I still outrank you, and did you forget that I’m your commanding officer and regiment leader? Maybe a few more hours of drilling can remind you.
E:Hmf! You’re only a general because those white general bastards wouldn't want a person with brains to be commander. They just want a nice black puppet!
K: My skin or my brains don’t matter! Only character matters into this!
E:Then they chose a person with a perfect character-to be a puppet.
K: Either way, at least they trust me more than you with the idea of a command.
E:*sighs* Were you even listening to the last few minutes? Oh, I bet you. Can't hear others over the sounds of your hinges creaking.
K: Better to hear that than whatever you have to say. I must leave soon. I need to write something to my sister.
E:...get back to your sister? ...get back to your sister?! *grabs shirt* how can you say so much crap and still go back to your sister?
K: *Elbow to the chin* At least I have someone to go back to after the war!
E: what the hell do you think you know about me!*punches in the gut*
K: *Throws a beer mug at your face* I know that your parents are dead. I know that your siblings are still in bondage. I know that the Lord will not be merciful to you, even in death, and I can assure you that it will be painful!
E:Those are just fancy words! You don't know how it feels! To be bound with chains, to watch your parents slowly die because your master couldn't “waste” medicine, to fear losing your family everyday! When you go home, do you fear losing your sister!? Do you fear she'll die any moment? Do you feel like you're going to go insane with worry? DO YOU?
K: *pulls out a gun and points at it* Hey, BACK OFF!! *cocks it and gets ready to shoot*
E:*pulls our own gun* You coward! Who the hell threatens to shoot their comrade! *cocks*
K: You and I, corporal. You and I…
Random commander: Hey! What in tarnation are you fools doing!
E:This bastard has no right to be a commander
K: And this fool has no right to be a soldier at all!
CO: In my eyes, neither of you have the right to be men at all!
K: But sir!
CO:No buts! You are both going to carry a log until you drop! With your feet tied together. Maybe then you can get a bit of respect for each other!
K: *sighs* Very well, sir.
E: *spits*

In a camp
*both passed out already but are slowly regaining consciousness*
K:*gets up slowly* I could say the same thing. Hey.
E:What, ya fool
K:*rolls his eyes* I want to say sorry for nearly shooting you back at the bar. I truly do mean it.
E: humph! If you're going to say that then there's no choice, I'll say sorry too...
K:you still haven't said anything-
E:shut up
CO: You two! Get back up here and help us pack up. We’re marching out to catch Lee!
Both: Sir! *Salutes*
K: *looks at Jefferson* Let’s do this.

1865 post - Emily Yu

Hey ma and pa, I'm writing to you because I have something important to tell you , but first, I should tell you what happened after the...